Gun & Rose (1992)

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Pretty decent fluff
Reviewed by Simon on 2002-04-25

From much of the same cast & crew that brought us Black Panther Warriors a year later, but sadly not quite so deranged and manic a movie. Still a fast paced ride with some excellent action sequences though. After internal conflict in his powerful Taiwanese Triad family, Alan Tang leaves for Hong Kong to try and escape the Jiang Hu and live a simple life. He befriends small time hood Andy Lau, who has no idea this humble taxi driver once had dominion over thousands... until Alan's past catches up with him.

Fairly complex plot that darts around a little too fast to follow all the time, but features quite a few good moments, and some very OTT gunplay. Quite an all star cast including Alan Tang (who is so handsome, as it is often observed), Andy Lau, Loletta Lee, Carrie Ng, Simon Yam, Leon Lai and others.

Not one of Clarence Fok's better movies, but not one of his worst either.


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  • Gun And Rose