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Wicked fun (Monday, February 9, 2004)
Maybe marriage isn't for some people (Friday, April 2, 2021)
A quieter, more contemplative Kitano film (Sunday, January 17, 2021)
Highly recommended! (Saturday, February 1, 2003)
Katsuhiro Otomo (Director)
A landmark in animation and sci-fi (Thursday, September 17, 2020)
Down-beat Yakuza tale (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)
A popcorn film, but a good one (Tuesday, May 22, 2012)
Mamoru Oshii (Director) Kenji Kawai (Soundtrack)
Unique aesthetic experience (Sunday, March 17, 2002)
The limitless potential of youth (Monday, February 8, 2021)