Tony Liu (Director, Writer) Moon Lee Sibelle Hu Yukari Oshima Ben Lam Eddy Ko Lee Ho-Kwan (Actor, Writer) Hsu Hsia Fan Chin-Hung Huang Chieh (Cinematographer) Au San-Ming (Soundtrack)
Much as you'd expect (Thursday, September 28, 2023)
Tony Liu (Director) Chui Fat (Action Director, Actor) Fan Chin-Hung (Action Director) Donnie Yen Pauline Yeung Bo-Ling Ben Lam Chui Hei-Man Kathy Chow Ken Lo Robert Mak Hsu Hsia Sibelle Hu Lee Ho-Kwan (Actor, Writer) Huang Chieh (Cinematographer) Tang Siu-Lam (Soundtrack)
One of the all-time great film titles! (Wednesday, October 26, 2022)
Girls and Boys with Guns (Saturday, August 19, 2023)
Not Film Workshop's finest hour (Wednesday, February 7, 2024)