Ken Lo

  • Ken Lo Wai-Kwong
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Gordon Chan (Director, Writer) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Aaron Kwok Daniel Wu Phyllis Quek Lai Hing-Cheung Andrew Lin Ray Lui Francis Ng Ken Lo Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Chan Yuen-Kai (Cinematographer) Cheung Man-Po (Cinematographer)
Andrew Lau (Director, Cinematographer) Dion Lam (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Ekin Cheng Shu Qi Kristy Yeung Yuen Biao Jerry Lamb Nicholas Tse Francis Ng Anthony Wong Ken Lo Elvis Tsui Cheng Pei-Pei Manfred Wong (Writer) Comfort Chan (Soundtrack)
Ann Hui (Director) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Michelle Yeoh Sammo Hung Ken Lo
Good dramatic film for Michelle & Sammo (Tuesday, October 18, 2005)
Wilson Yip (Director, Writer) Adam Chan (Action Director) Jordan Chan Sam Lee Emotion Cheung Wayne Lai Angela Tong Matt Chow (Actor, Writer) Ken Lo Frankie Chan Chi-Leung Venus Keung (Cinematographer) Peter Kam (Soundtrack)
Quirky and fun low-budget film (Monday, January 16, 2006)
Very poor (Tuesday, February 17, 2004)
Messy but ultimately entertaining (Sunday, June 22, 2014)
Wu Ma (Director, Actor) Yuen Miu (Action Director, Actor) Yuen Biao Donnie Yen Irene Wan Ken Lo
rough around the edges (Friday, March 7, 2003)
Wong Jing (Director, Writer) Jackie Chan (Action Director, Actor) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Joey Wang Richard Norton Chingmy Yau Leon Lai Ken Lo Gary Daniels Kumiko Gotoh
Wong Jing's evil genius at its finest (Wednesday, May 8, 2002)
Kirk Wong (Director) Jackie Chan (Action Director, Actor) Bruce Law (Action Director) Paragon Films Ltd. (Production Company) Kent Cheng Christine Ng Law Kar-Ying Ken Lo Blacky Ko Chung Faat Poon Hang-Sang (Cinematographer) Ardy Lam (Cinematographer) Joe Chan Kwong-Hung (Cinematographer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer)
Drags for a sub-90 minute film (Sunday, June 12, 2022)

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