Benny Chan

  • Benny Chan Muk-Sing
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Benny Chan (Director, Writer) Ma Yuk-Sing (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Lau Ching-Wan Berg Ng Ting-Yip Tony Renny Francis Ng Yu Rong-Guang Anthony Wong Jordan Chan Susan Chan (Writer) Joe Ma (Writer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Peter Kam (Soundtrack)
Justice only exists if it is maintained (Monday, August 24, 2020)
Benny Chan (Director, Writer) Ma Yuk-Sing (Action Director) Nicky Li Chung-Chi (Action Director) Aaron Kwok Shu Qi Wu Jing Zhang Jing-Chu Ngai Sing
Not quite as bad as Black Mask 2 (Thursday, April 26, 2012)
Not as good as the original (Thursday, July 31, 2014)
Decent enough action-comedy (Tuesday, December 12, 2006)
nicely made (Monday, December 19, 2011)
Not Film Workshop's finest hour (Wednesday, February 7, 2024)
Likeable nonsense (Monday, January 21, 2002)
Jackie Chan (Director, Action Director, Actor, Writer) Benny Chan (Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Michelle Ferre Yamamoto Mirai Ron Smoorenburg Ken Lo Poon Hang-Sang (Cinematographer)
Feels like a bad Hollywood B-movie (Monday, October 16, 2000)