Wong Yat-Fei

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Lee Lik-Chi (Director, Actor) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Dion Lam (Action Director) Stephen Chiau Christy Chung Ng Man-Tat Billy Chow Leo Koo Wong Yat-Fei Vincent Kok (Actor, Writer) David Chung (Cinematographer)
Enjoyable (Thursday, November 30, 2006)
Wong Jing (Director, Actor, Writer) Benz Kong (Action Director) Cecilia Cheung Leo Koo Yuen Wah Yuen Qiu Wong Yat-Fei Sammy Leung
fast-paced and entertaining (Sunday, April 23, 2006)
An atypical Stephen Chiau film (Tuesday, February 12, 2002)
Cash Chin (Director) Dion Lam (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Loletta Lee Shu Qi Elvis Tsui Ben Ng Ken Lo Wong Yat-Fei Christine Hung Cheung Man-Po (Cinematographer)
Stephen Chiau achieves transcendence (Friday, March 7, 2003)
Clever and unusual (Friday, March 7, 2003)
Who you gonna call? Not these guys. (Friday, August 28, 2020)
Pretty good fantasy film (Monday, December 26, 2005)
A charming and entertaining rom-com (Wednesday, September 1, 2021)