Matt Chow

  • Matt Chow Hoi-Kwong
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Wilson Yip (Director, Writer) Adam Chan (Action Director) Jordan Chan Sam Lee Emotion Cheung Wayne Lai Angela Tong Matt Chow (Actor, Writer) Ken Lo Frankie Chan Chi-Leung Venus Keung (Cinematographer) Peter Kam (Soundtrack)
Quirky and fun low-budget film (Monday, January 16, 2006)
Refreshingly Bleak (Tuesday, November 28, 2006)
Funny (Thursday, May 30, 2002)
Hong Kong's recent history in metaphor (Friday, March 28, 2003)
Reviewed by Simon (Saturday, April 17, 2004)
Better than your average horror movie (Saturday, April 22, 2006)
Wilson Yip (Director, Writer) Sandra Ng Francis Ng Tats Lau Eric Kot Simon Yam Lam Suet Matt Chow (Writer) Lam Wah-Chuen (Cinematographer) Tommy Wai Kai-Leung (Soundtrack)
Almost unbelievably good (Wednesday, July 18, 2001)
Wong Jing is as Wong Jing does (Monday, April 23, 2007)