A dazzlingly unique and creative movie- 10/10 (Tuesday, May 22, 2012)
Shinya Tsukamoto (Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor) Cocco (Writer, Soundtrack)
A journey into a very troubled mind- 6/10 (Thursday, November 22, 2012)
Shinya Tsukamoto (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Special Effects) Tomorowo Taguchi Kei Fujiwara Nobu Kanaoka
Perhaps the strangest thing you will ever see- 8/10 (Monday, June 10, 2013)
Shinya Tsukamoto (Director, Writer, Editor, Cinematographer) Kahori Fujii Koji Tsukamoto
Peak Shinya Tsukamoto- 9/10 (Saturday, May 23, 2020)