Johnnie To (Director) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director) Chow Yun-Fat Sylvia Chang Ng Man-Tat Wong Tin-Lam Horace Wong (Cinematographer)
Great drama, fantastic acting (Thursday, May 30, 2002)
Recommended :) (Sunday, January 8, 2006)
Enigmatic (Wednesday, January 18, 2006)
Reviewed by Simon (Tuesday, November 14, 2006)
Pleasing New Year offering from Milkyway (Tuesday, February 19, 2002)
Wong Jing is as Wong Jing does (Monday, April 23, 2007)
Wong Tin-Lam (Director) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director) Chan Siu-Pang (Action Director) Hsu Erh-Niu (Action Director) Cathay Studio (Production Company) Tien Ching Wendy Chun Zhu Mu Lee Wan-Chung Sammo Hung Paul Chang Chung Charlie Chin
Entertaining swordplay spoof (Saturday, November 22, 2003)
Solid rom-com in the Milkyway formula (Sunday, January 8, 2006)