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Superlative - worth seeing whatever your tastes
Good, a must-see if you like the genre
Decent example of the genre but not essential
Watchable, but only for serious genre fans
Half stars could have gone either way depending on mood.
Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Last Letter Another gem from Shunji Iwai 2021-05-30 Simon
Ju Dou When I buy an animal I treat it as I wish 2021-04-03 Simon
Double World Big budget epic fantasy 2020-07-26 Simon
Shadow Strikingly beautiful and poetic 2020-06-23 Simon
Chinese Zodiac Messy but ultimately entertaining 2014-06-22 Simon
Painted Skin: The Resurrection Beautiful, tragic fantasy 2013-04-21 Simon
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker Captures a moment in Chinese history well 2013-01-30 Simon
White Vengeance Gorgeous production with interesting characters and plot 2012-04-23 Simon
Reign Of Assassins Highly enjoyable 2012-02-15 Simon
Shaolin nicely made 2011-12-19 Simon
The Sorcerer And The White Snake Pretty, but nothing to write home about 2011-12-19 Simon
Little Big Soldier Well worth a look. 2010-11-10 Simon
Bodyguards And Assassins Disappointing 2010-10-26 Simon
An Empress and the Warriors Feels too much like a "me too!" project 2008-04-02 Simon
Blood Brothers (2007) A bit boring 2008-02-28 Simon
Curse Of The Golden Flower Zhang Yimou's homage to the female bosom 2007-01-20 Simon
Red Sorghum Worth a watch 2006-06-06 Simon
The Promise Strange but good 2006-04-17 Simon
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles pretty forgettable 2006-04-16 Simon
Kekexili (Mountain Patrol) Simple but effective cinema 2006-03-21 Simon
Arhats In Fury Decent mainland wushu film 2006-01-15 Simon
Shanghai Triad Visually stunning 2006-01-08 Simon
Roots And Branches Unashamedly sentimental 2006-01-08 Simon
Martial Arts of Shaolin Expected more with the talent involved 2004-11-27 Simon
Xanda Career lows 2004-06-16 Simon
To Live Simple epic, masterfully made. Highest recommendation! 2003-07-19 Simon
Hero Pretty special 2003-05-10 Simon
Happy Times Simple but effective 2002-04-27 Simon
Sino Dutch War 1661 Nice story, badly made film 2002-01-06 Simon
Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl Quite moving 2001-10-16 Simon

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