Reviews from China

Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Double World 7 Big budget epic fantasy 2020-07-26 Simon
Shadow 9 Strikingly beautiful and poetic 2020-06-23 Simon
Chinese Zodiac 7 Messy but ultimately entertaining 2014-06-22 Simon
Painted Skin: The Resurrection 8 Beautiful, tragic fantasy 2013-04-21 Simon
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker 8 Captures a moment in Chinese history well 2013-01-30 Simon
White Vengeance 8 Gorgeous production with interesting characters and plot 2012-04-23 Simon
Reign Of Assassins 9 Highly enjoyable 2012-02-15 Simon
Shaolin 8 nicely made 2011-12-19 Simon
The Sorcerer And The White Snake 6 Pretty, but nothing to write home about 2011-12-19 Simon
Little Big Soldier 8 Well worth a look. 2010-11-10 Simon
Bodyguards And Assassins 5 Disappointing 2010-10-26 Simon
An Empress and the Warriors 5 Feels too much like a "me too!" project 2008-04-02 Simon
Blood Brothers (2007) 4 A bit boring 2008-02-28 Simon
Swordsman in Double Flag Town Bleak and beautiful 2007-10-13 Simon
Curse Of The Golden Flower 7 Zhang Yimou's homage to the female bosom 2007-01-20 Simon
Red Sorghum 6 Worth a watch 2006-06-06 Simon
The Promise 7 Strange but good 2006-04-17 Simon
Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles 5 pretty forgettable 2006-04-16 Simon
Kekexili (Mountain Patrol) 8 Simple but effective cinema 2006-03-21 Simon
Arhats In Fury 6 Decent mainland wushu film 2006-01-15 Simon
Shanghai Triad 8 Visually stunning 2006-01-08 Simon
Roots And Branches Unashamedly sentimental 2006-01-08 Simon
Happy Times 9 Simple but effective 2006-01-08 Simon
Martial Arts of Shaolin 7 Expected more with the talent involved 2004-11-27 Simon
Xanda 2 Career lows 2004-06-16 Simon
Hero 9 Pretty special 2003-05-10 Simon
Sino Dutch War 1661 Nice story, badly made film 2002-01-06 Simon
Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl Quite moving 2001-10-16 Simon

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