Reviews from Thailand

Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Tom Yum Goong 2 7 Tony Jaa shows he can still kick ass 2014-08-01 Simon
Only God Forgives 2 Pretentious and tedious 2014-01-02 Simon
Red Eagle 3 Disappointing effort from a usually talented writer/director 2013-02-02 Simon
The Kick 7 Slick Thai/Korean crowd pleaser 2012-11-17 Simon
Ong Bak 10 Revitalised the martial arts genre 2012-10-16 Simon
Gerd Ma Lui 7 Crazy Thai action 2012-09-28 Simon
Yaowarat 6 a passable diversion 2012-05-25 Simon
Tom Yum Goong 7 Step down from Ong Bak 2012-05-25 Simon
Friendship Breakdown Slick and exciting action movie 2012-05-25 Simon
Spirited Killer a guilty pleasure 2012-05-25 Simon
Headless Hero Enjoyable comedy film 2012-05-25 Simon
Body Jumper Entertaining horror-comedy 2012-05-25 Simon
The Sister-In-Law 7 a fairly solid drama 2012-05-25 Simon
Nang Nak Definite recommendation 2012-05-25 Simon
Kunpan - Legend of the Warlord Well, I don't recommend *not* watching 2012-05-25 Simon
Teacher Somsri 7 Pretty good but not a must-see 2012-05-25 Simon
Krai Thong Bad but not a complete waste of money or time 2012-05-25 Simon
Hotel Angel Worth seeing if you're a fan of the director 2012-05-25 Simon
Hitman File 6 Confusing 2012-05-25 Simon
Extreme Game For the adventurous only 2012-05-24 Simon
The Elephant Keeper 10 The movie that made me move to Thailand 2012-05-24 Simon
Curse Of The Sun 5 Bad in a good way, sorta 2012-05-24 Simon
Cloning not really a very good movie 2012-05-24 Simon
Bullet Wives 4 should have been so much better 2012-05-24 Simon
The Bodyguard 5 review... 2012-05-24 Simon
Bangkok Loco 9 Quirky and creative 2012-05-24 Simon
Goodman Town 7 Quite fun and unique 2012-05-24 Simon
Bangkok Knockout 7 For lovers of action cinema it's a must-see 2010-12-18 Simon
SARS Wars 7 Fun zombie spoof 2005-10-22 Simon
Born To Fight 8 New levels of absurd action 2005-10-12 Simon

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