Reviews from Japan

Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto 10 One of the classic samurai films 2020-08-09 Simon
Boiling Point 9 Stylish and whimsical 2020-07-24 Simon
Hausu 7 Off the wall 2020-07-19 Simon
Violent Cop 10 A landmark in Japanese cinema 2020-07-11 Simon
The Virgin Psychics 9 It's outrageous 2020-06-25 Simon
Tokyo Fist 9 Peak Shinya Tsukamoto 2020-05-23 Simon
Meatball Machine: Kodoku 10 One of the great works of cinema 2020-05-10 Simon
Meatball Machine 8 Budget constrained but imaginative 2020-05-10 Simon
Raivu 3 Something went horribly wrong here 2020-05-10 Simon
Girl's Blood 7 Largely inexplicable fusion of elements but somehow it works 2019-11-16 Simon
Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno 9 Just as enjoyable and well made as the first film 2016-01-31 Simon
God's Puzzle 7 Miike takes on the universe 2015-01-25 Simon
R100 8 Only in Japan 2014-10-05 Simon
Lesson of the Evil 5 Another high school nightmare from Japan 2014-03-09 Simon
Confessions 10 One sin leads to another 2014-03-08 Simon
The Land Of Hope 7 Gently urgent warning about Fukushima 2014-01-05 Simon
Sonatine 9 Beautifully meditative take on the yakuza film 2013-12-15 Simon
Red Tears 5 Rather tepid action/horror/splatter film 2013-11-16 Simon
Tomie: Unlimited 5 Mostly dull with patches of imagination 2013-08-04 Simon
Tetsuo: The Iron Man 8 Perhaps the strangest thing you will ever see 2013-06-10 Simon
Sukiyaki Western Django 8 Strange beast, merits a second viewing 2013-06-09 Simon
The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck And God In A Coin Locker 8 Ducks and Dylan 2013-05-26 Simon
Parasite Doctor Suzune: Genesis 4 Cosplay soft porn 2013-05-26 Simon
Isn't Anyone Alive? Definitely interesting, but not sure if I liked it 2013-05-25 Simon
Gothic & Lolita Psycho 5 Great name, good trailer... that's about it though 2013-05-04 Simon
Fish Story 9 Can music save the world? 2013-05-03 Simon
Zombie Ass: Toilet Of The Dead 10 Almost justifies all the other zombie movies existence(s) 2013-04-21 Simon
Tokyo Gore Police 7 Possibly the most outrageous film ever made? 2013-04-07 Simon
Detective Story 5 Name pretty much sums it up 2013-04-05 Simon
High Kick Girl 7 Good Karate showcase disguised as a film 2013-03-31 Simon

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