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Superlative - everyone should see this
Great, a must-see if you like the genre
Good, a decent example of the genre
Watchable, but only for serious genre fans
Half stars could have gone either way depending on mood.
Movie Name / Release Year Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Night Orchid (1982) Befuddling wuxia with flashes of inspiration 2024-07-03 Simon
The Shaolin Kids (1975) Reasonably entertaining wuxia/kung fu adventure 2024-06-02 Simon
Shaolin Kung Fu (1974) Solid basher-style kung fu movie 2024-05-26 Simon
The Decisive Battle (1972) Absolutely not decisive, or a battle 2024-05-21 Simon
Dragon Fist (1972) So you say you want a revolution 2024-05-12 Simon
The Eight Masters (1976) Action-packed old school classic 2024-05-05 Simon
Blazing Temple (1976) Another telling of a classic Shaolin story 2024-05-05 Simon
The Return of the 18 Bronzemen (1976) Rerun of The 18 Bronzemen 2024-04-21 Simon
The 18 Bronzemen (1976) Not enough Bronzemen 2024-04-21 Simon
Fantasy Mission Force (1983) Well it's different... 2024-04-08 Simon
The Rebellious Reign (1980) A must-see for kung fu fans 2024-02-23 Simon
Rider of Revenge (1971) One of the better early 1970's Taiwanese wuxia 2024-01-26 Simon
The Wheel of Life (1983) Moderately interesting anthology film 2024-01-21 Simon
All the King's Men (1983) I don't think I am smart enough to understand this film 2024-01-11 Simon
Four Moods (1970) A who's who of Taiwanese cinema in 1970 2024-01-07 Simon
A Massacre Survivor (1979) review... 2024-01-04 Simon
The Assassin (2015) Pretentious arthouse yawnfest 2023-12-28 Simon
Shaolin Kung-Fu Mystagogue (1976) A good name and a good time 2023-12-21 Simon
Filthy Guy (1978) Fairly disposable but Sammo is Sammo 2023-12-06 Simon
Prosperous of Family (1970) Not awful, but no great reason to watch it 2023-11-22 Simon
The Red Phoenix (1978) Nothing special, but some decent action 2023-11-01 Simon
Lady 9-Flower (1969) A more serious and successful sequel 2023-10-11 Simon
The Absurd Brave (1969) Unconventional, not particularly successful 2023-09-05 Simon
Millennium Mambo (2001) A captivating documentary of a moment in time 2023-08-28 Simon
Iron Mistress (1969) Another solid but unremarkable Taiwanese wuxia 2023-08-22 Simon
The Flying Dragon Mountain (1971) A passable time-waster 2023-08-17 Simon
The Brave and the Evil (1971) Really impressive action for 1971 2023-08-01 Simon
A City Called Dragon (1969) Engaging Taiwanese wuxia 2023-07-01 Simon
Black Invitation (1969) Nothing special 2023-06-24 Simon
She'd Hate Rather Than Love (1971) Solid Union Films production 2023-06-19 Simon

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