Reviews from Taiwan

Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Dragon Gate Inn 8 Good but maybe not quite as good as its reputation 2020-09-02 Simon
The Invincible Sword 5 Fairly cookie cutter tale of heroic swordsmen 2012-11-23 Simon
Raining In The Mountain 8 Sumptuous exploration of Buddhist philosophy 2012-11-12 Simon
20:30:40 A skillful and subtle movie 2012-06-07 Simon
Chivalrous Legend Enjoyable period piece 2012-06-07 Simon
Cape No. 7 7 Tourism boost for Southern Taiwan 2008-11-08 Simon
Kung Fu Dunk 8 Slick crowd-pleaser 2008-02-08 Simon
Along Comes A Tiger 7 Easy to watch 2007-07-06 Simon
Flying Swordsgirl 5 Doesn't suck, but isn't that hot. 2007-06-15 Simon
The Young Avengers 7 Good 60's swordplay 2007-06-08 Simon
Eight Immortals 5 Some vague enjoyment to be had 2007-05-22 Simon
Whirlwind Knight 7 A good effort 2007-05-07 Simon
Choi Lee Fat Kung Fu 6 Great kung fu, lame comedy, no plot 2007-04-25 Simon
Knight Of Old Cathay 8 Rather splendid melodrama 2007-04-12 Simon
The Sword (1971) 7 Nearly great, but awful action 2007-04-10 Simon
Chinese Iron Man 7 Great action 2006-05-19 Simon
Triangular Duel 8 Great kung fu 2006-05-17 Simon
A Touch Of Zen 10 Greatest martial arts film of all time? 2006-04-25 Simon
Showdown at the Cotton Mill 7 Great for kung fu fanatics 2006-03-29 Simon
Karate Girls 5 Mostly harmless 2006-03-02 Simon
Yi Yi 10 a subtle and complex movie 2006-01-08 Simon
Knight Errant 3 Enthusiasts only 2005-07-22 Simon
Kung Fu Wonder Child 6 Pretty good fun in a mindless way 2005-06-19 Simon
7 Grandmasters For martial arts fans only 2004-04-19 Simon
36 Deadly Styles 4 Not very good 2004-02-04 Simon
Double Vision 7 Above average horror 2003-04-28 Simon
Ghost Of The Mirror Pretty Ghost 2002-03-03 Simon
Legend Of The Mountain 8 Better than most other movies 2002-02-03 Simon
Heavenly Legend Need to be in the mood to fully appreciate 2001-12-15 Simon
Blazing Temple Pretty much bored me 2001-11-27 Simon

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