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Superlative - worth seeing whatever your tastes
Good, a must-see if you like the genre
Decent example of the genre but not essential
Watchable, but only for serious genre fans
Half stars could have gone either way depending on mood.
Movie Name Rating Summary Date Reviewer
Zakhm Hide this wound deep in your heart 2021-05-08 Simon
Aankhen Not recommended. 2012-05-22 Simon
Don (Remake) Why remake a classic? 2006-09-28 Simon
Parineeta Some great bits spoilt by some ultra-corny bits 2006-03-19 Simon
Kaante Could have been something more 2006-03-18 Simon
Koi Mil Gaya Fun fantasy in the style of ET meets Bollywood 2006-01-12 Simon
Abhay A well made, unique and very enjoyable film 2004-06-13 Simon
Kaakha Kaakha Solid Tamil Blockbuster 2004-06-13 Simon
Khakee Very satisfying 2004-03-13 Simon
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar Powerful melodrama with another great Amitabh performance 2003-10-13 Simon
Don Sweet! 2003-09-25 Simon
Pukar a pretty watchable 160 minutes 2003-05-24 Simon
A Peck On The Cheek Powerful 2003-05-01 Simon
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Beautiful but too conservative 2003-04-29 Simon
Zanjeer Trend-setter 2003-04-27 Simon
Shahenshah By the books actioner 2003-03-16 Simon
Amar, Akbar, Anthony Recommended! 2003-03-08 Simon
Deewar Another great performance from Amitabh Bachchan 2002-11-09 Simon
Shakti Another great performance from Amitabh 2002-11-09 Simon
Shaan Great entertainment 2002-10-21 Simon
Sarfarosh Good movie, very good action scenes 2002-10-13 Simon
Refugee Well developed story of personal lives falling victim to politics 2002-10-13 Simon
Moksha Not really recommended. 2002-09-29 Simon
Aks Dark, intense, intelligent, stylish 2002-06-30 Simon
Sholay It's an Indian Cowboy Movie! 2002-06-12 Simon
Asoka Impressive and powerful 2002-05-24 Simon
Company Intelligent and incisive look at the gangster life 2002-05-13 Simon
Satya One of the most intelligent movies ever made about gangsters 2002-05-13 Simon
Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai Beatifully filmed 2000-10-16 Simon
Zakhm Absolutely stunning film 2000-08-07 Simon

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