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Johnnie To (Director) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director) Chow Yun-Fat Sylvia Chang Ng Man-Tat
Great drama, fantastic acting (Thursday, May 30, 2002)
Jeff Lau (Director, Writer) Corey Yuen (Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Stephen Chiau Cheung Man Ng Man-Tat
Great Stephen Chiau movie- 8/10 (Sunday, February 3, 2002)
Chang Cheh (Director, Writer) Wu Ma (Director) Lau Kar-Leung (Action Director) Lau Kar-Wing (Action Director) David Chiang
Great production values and lots of fun- 8/10 (Monday, January 19, 2004)
A fun 90's wu xia romp- 7/10 (Tuesday, October 16, 2001)
Tsui Hark (Director) Cinema City (Production Company) George Lam Teddy Robin (Soundtrack) Karl Maka (Producer) David Wu (1)
Wildly silly comedy capers- 7/10 (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
Pleasant and enjoyable sequel (Sunday, September 16, 2001)
Wish You Get High! (Tuesday, September 25, 2001)
Tony Liu (Director) Tang Tak-Cheung (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Michelle Yim Yuen Tak Jue Tit-Woh
A minor revelation- 9/10 (Tuesday, January 24, 2006)
Ho Meng-Hua (Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Li Ching Chao Hsiung
Solid entertainment- 8/10 (Sunday, July 30, 2006)
Eddie Fong (Director) Tony Leung Siu-Hung (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Pat Ha Alex Man Lam Hoi-Ling
DVD missing nearly half the film?- 6/10 (Tuesday, October 12, 2004)