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Slick action thriller with iffy script (Monday, February 17, 2003)
How to disappear completely (Saturday, June 13, 2020)
Scary! But very good. (Wednesday, October 12, 2005)
Powerful (Saturday, September 5, 2020)
Kim Ki-Duk (Director)
Not one to watch if you want cheering up (Monday, September 23, 2002)
Quiet, realistic look at pain (Saturday, March 17, 2007)
Urban martial arts action (Saturday, July 4, 2020)
Very nicely put together (Monday, September 23, 2002)
Yang Ik-Joon (Director, Writer, Producer, Editor) Kim Kot-bi Jeong Man-shik Hong Seung-il
Violence begets violence (Thursday, July 4, 2013)