Movies from 2009

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Soi Cheang (Director) Jack Wong (Action Director) Milkyway Image (Production Company) Louis Koo Richie Ren Michelle Ye Xuan
Teddy Chen (Director) Tung Wai (Action Director) Lee Tat-Chiu (Action Director) Donnie Yen Wang Xue-Qi Tony Leung Ka-Fai
Disappointing (Tuesday, October 26, 2010)
A beautiful piece of magical realism (Sunday, April 25, 2021)
Cheap and Cheesy (Monday, April 8, 2013)
Can music save the world? (Friday, May 3, 2013)
Good Karate showcase disguised as a film (Sunday, March 31, 2013)
Well worth a look. (Wednesday, November 10, 2010)
It's holier than a hard-on. It's about love. (Saturday, January 16, 2021)
Not as good as ONG BAK (Tuesday, October 16, 2012)
Alan Mak (Director, Writer) Felix Chong (Director, Writer) Jack Wong (Action Director) Lau Ching-Wan Louis Koo Daniel Wu