A fairly typical film of the era (Thursday, March 25, 2021)
Lo Wei (Director, Writer) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Polly Shang-Kuan Sam Hui Liu Yung Angela Mao Lee Kwan Tien Feng Wang Lai Carter Wong Joe Cheung (Writer) Joseph Koo Ka-Fai (Soundtrack)
Lo Wei (Director, Actor, Writer) Han Ying-Chieh (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Yueh Hua Angela Yu Chien Chen Hung-Lieh Chiu Hung Lee Kwan
watchable but non-essential (Sunday, March 13, 2005)
Well crafted, engaging and enjoyable (Friday, February 9, 2007)
Semi-old school, quite enjoyable (Sunday, May 27, 2001)
The original Chinese Ghost Story (Monday, January 19, 2004)
Jackie Chan (Director, Action Director, Actor, Writer) James Tien Yen Shi-Kwan Lee Kwan Chen Hui-Lou Cheng Fu-Hung Ma Chiang Cheng Tien-Chi Dean Shek Chen Jung-Shu (Cinematographer) Frankie Chan (Soundtrack)
One of Jackie's best martial arts performances (Wednesday, September 26, 2001)
A decent Bond-alike (Sunday, December 10, 2023)
A very silly film (Sunday, February 11, 2024)