Essie Lin Chia

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Surprisingly violent swordplay film (Monday, February 19, 2007)
Well crafted, engaging and enjoyable (Friday, February 9, 2007)
Chang Cheh (Director, Writer) Tang Chia (Action Director, Actor) Lau Kar-Leung (Action Director, Actor) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Jimmy Wang Yu Lisa Chiao Chiao Essie Lin Chia Tsung Hua Tien Feng Ku Feng Tung Li Lau Kar-Wing Yuen Cheung-Yan Ti Lung Wu Ma
A pretty worthy film (Thursday, December 29, 2005)
Great story with charming lead (Sunday, February 26, 2006)
An anomaly in Chang Cheh's career (Monday, July 8, 2024)