Ringo Lam

  • Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
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More even-keeled than its predecessors (Monday, April 5, 2021)
Gothic and macabre wire fu from Ringo Lam (Tuesday, October 30, 2012)
One of the classics (Thursday, March 9, 2006)
Dark, depressing, but ever so good (Monday, January 9, 2006)
one of the classics (Sunday, April 1, 2012)
Ringo Lam (Director, Writer) Lam Moon-Wa (Action Director) Andy Lau Wu Chien-Lien Rosamund Kwan Paul Chun David Chiang Ben Ng Phillip Ko Parkman Wong Sandy Shaw (Writer) Ardy Lam (Cinematographer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Teddy Robin (Soundtrack)
Quite a mess, but with some big booms (Saturday, April 17, 2021)
It's important to be happy, isn't it? (Wednesday, April 28, 2021)