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John Woo (Director, Writer) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Cinema City (Production Company) Chow Yun-Fat Leslie Cheung Dean Shek Ti Lung Kenneth Tsang Tsui Hark (Writer) Bob Thompson (Cinematographer) Horace Wong (Cinematographer)
not as tight as the original (Tuesday, November 9, 2010)
Ching Siu-Tung (Director, Action Director) Lau Chi-Ho (Action Director) Bobby Wu Chi-Lung (Action Director) Kuo Chui (Action Director) Alan Chui (Action Director) Cinema City (Production Company) Leslie Cheung Joey Wang Wu Ma Lau Siu-Ming Yuen Gai-Chi (Writer) Poon Hang-Sang (Cinematographer) Lau Moon-Tong (Cinematographer) Horace Wong (Cinematographer) James Wong Jim (Soundtrack) Romeo Diaz (Soundtrack)
Seminal work of sublime beauty (Sunday, December 1, 2002)
Jackie Chan (Director, Action Director, Actor) Eric Tsang (Director) Yuen Ching-Yeung (Action Director) Lau Kar-Wing (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Alan Tam Rosamund Kwan Lola Forner Ken Boyle Anthony Chan Carina Lau Clarence Fok Kenny Bee Peter Ngor (Cinematographer) Bob Thompson (Cinematographer) Poon Hang-Sang (Cinematographer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Andrew Lau (Cinematographer)
Dated but enjoyable (Wednesday, July 18, 2001)
One of the classics (Thursday, March 9, 2006)
Sammo Hung (Director, Action Director, Actor) Yuen Wah (Action Director, Actor) Corey Yuen (Action Director) Lam Ching-Ying (Action Director, Actor) Yuen Biao (Action Director, Actor) Hsiao Ho (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Joyce Godenzi Charlie Chin Billy Lau Yuen Wo-Ping Chin Ka-Lok Peter Chan Lung Billy Chow Phillip Ko Melvin Wong James Tien Chung Faat Barry Wong (Writer) Arthur Wong (Cinematographer)
Sammo Hung goes to war (Monday, June 29, 2020)
For richer or for poorer... (Sunday, June 18, 2023)
Joe Cheung (Director) Poon Kin-Gwan (Action Director) Benz Kong (Action Director) Tung Wai (Action Director) Chow Yun-Fat Alan Tam Pat Ha Patrick Tse Wong Kar-Wai (Writer) Jingle Ma (Cinematographer)
Utterly dreadful (Friday, September 4, 2009)
Pretty Ghost story (Sunday, November 18, 2001)
Jeff Lau (Director, Actor, Writer) Benz Kong (Action Director) Poon Kin-Gwan (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Jacky Cheung Ricky Hui Billy Lau Kitty Chan Wu Fung Chung Faat Wong Kar-Wai (Writer)
watchable (Wednesday, May 10, 2006)
Schizophrenic but fun (Tuesday, November 9, 2010)