Lesser addition to Wong Fei Hung canon (Friday, July 27, 2001)
Daniel Lee (Director) Yuen Wo-Ping (Action Director) Dion Lam (Action Director) Jet Li Lau Ching-Wan Karen Mok Francoise Yip Patrick Lung Anthony Wong Xiong Xin-Xin Koan Hui On (Writer) Joe Ma (Writer) Tsui Hark (Writer) Venus Keung (Cinematographer) Teddy Robin (Soundtrack)
Sounds great on paper but doesn't deliver (Thursday, June 17, 2021)
Tsui Hark (Director) Yuen Wo-Ping (Action Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director) Andy On Tobin Bell Traci Lords Scott Adkins Rob Van Dam Blacky Ko Terence Yin Horace Wong (Cinematographer) William Yim (Cinematographer)
Utter junk (Sunday, January 26, 2003)
Strong Chen Kuan-Tai vehicle (Tuesday, May 24, 2022)
Definitely one for martial arts fans to see (Wednesday, March 28, 2007)
Nice eye candy, not much else (Wednesday, August 31, 2005)
This was pretty good, huh? (Wednesday, May 11, 2022)
Very well rounded (Sunday, May 27, 2001)
Yuen Wo-Ping (Director) Yuen Shun-Yi (Action Director, Actor) Corey Yuen (Action Director, Actor) Yuen Siu-Tin Hwang Jang-Lee
One for the devoted only (Friday, June 17, 2005)
Yuen Wo-Ping (Director, Action Director) Yuen Cheung-Yan (Action Director) Brandy Yuen (Action Director) Yuen Yat-Choh (Action Director) Yuen Shun-Yi (Action Director, Actor) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Yuen Biao Leung Kar-Yan Kwan Tak-Hing Phillip Ko Lily Li Li-Li Fung Hak-On
Classic action-comedy (Saturday, January 13, 2007)