Movies from 1993

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Delirious & visually impressive wuxia piece (Tuesday, February 26, 2008)
Wild and twisted genre mash-up (Wednesday, May 19, 2021)
A fun 90's wu xia romp (Tuesday, October 16, 2001)
Cheesy (Sunday, December 1, 2002)
Lesser addition to Wong Fei Hung canon (Friday, July 27, 2001)
Clarence Fok (Director) Lau Shung-Fung (Action Director) Alan Tang Brigitte Lin Tony Leung Ka-Fai Simon Yam Carrie Ng Yuen Wah Dicky Cheung Elsie Chan Melvin Wong Arthur Wong (Cinematographer) Jingle Ma (Cinematographer) William Yim (Cinematographer) Lowell Lo (Soundtrack)
Buy it... it's a work of genius! (Saturday, April 6, 2002)
Sammo Hung (Director, Action Director, Actor) Chiu Cheung-Gwan (Action Director) Ti Lung Yeung Fan Cynthia Khan Ngai Sing Wong Kam-Kong Rosamund Kwan Lau Shun James Tien Sze-To Cheuk-Hon (Writer) Charcoal Tan (Writer) Raymond Lam (Cinematographer) Lowell Lo (Soundtrack)
Worth a watch (Thursday, August 12, 2004)
Wong Jing (Director, Writer) Jackie Chan (Action Director, Actor) Ching Siu-Tung (Action Director) Joey Wang Richard Norton Chingmy Yau Leon Lai Ken Lo Gary Daniels Kumiko Gotoh
Wong Jing's evil genius at its finest (Wednesday, May 8, 2002)