Movies from 1994

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Very stylish, definitely above average- 8/10 (Friday, May 24, 2002)
Avoid- 1/10 (Sunday, October 21, 2001)
A work of art- 10/10 (Sunday, April 14, 2002)
Gothic and macabre wire fu from Ringo Lam- 7/10 (Tuesday, October 30, 2012)
Perfect mix of pop and art- 10/10 (Saturday, June 14, 2003)
Wu Ma (Director) Yuen Miu (Action Director) Yuen Biao Donnie Yen Irene Wan Ken Lo
rough around the edges (Friday, March 7, 2003)
Well worth a watch- 7/10 (Saturday, July 2, 2005)
Decent wu xia in the early 90's tradition- 7/10 (Saturday, June 8, 2013)
Gordon Chan (Director) Yuen Wo-Ping (Action Director) Yuen Shun-Yi (Action Director) Yuen Cheung-Yan (Action Director) Jet Li
Lee Lik-Chi (Director, Writer) Stephen Chiau (Director, Writer) Poon Kin-Gwan (Action Director) Anita Yuen Law Kar-Ying
My least favourite Chiau movie so far- 4/10 (Tuesday, June 12, 2001)