Takeshi Kaneshiro

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Perfect mix of pop and art (Saturday, June 14, 2003)
Lunatic fun, and points for ambition (Sunday, February 3, 2002)
Love it or hate it, but be sure to see it (Saturday, July 16, 2005)
Corey Yuen (Director, Action Director) Yuen Tak (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Takeshi Kaneshiro Jessica Hester Yuen Biao Valerie Chow Yuen Wah
Inferior remake of BOXER FROM SHANTUNG (Monday, February 18, 2013)
Beautiful to look at (Tuesday, October 12, 2004)
Loved it (Sunday, May 27, 2001)
Really quite moving (Sunday, June 13, 2021)
Entertaining for a couple of hours (Sunday, March 23, 2003)