Zhang Yimou

  • Zhang Yi-Mou
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Zhang Yimou's homage to the female bosom (Saturday, January 20, 2007)
Simple but effective (Saturday, April 27, 2002)
Pretty special (Saturday, May 10, 2003)
Beautiful to look at (Tuesday, October 12, 2004)
When I buy an animal I treat it as I wish (Saturday, April 3, 2021)
Manipulative but good (Saturday, February 9, 2013)
Worth a watch (Tuesday, June 6, 2006)
pretty forgettable (Sunday, April 16, 2006)
Zhang Yimou (Director, Writer) Tang Teng-Fei (Action Director) Fung Wai-Lun (Action Director) Lam Chi-Tai (Action Director) Ku Huen-Chiu (Action Director) Zheng Kai Betty Sun Li Deng Chao Wang Qian-Yuan Zhao Xiao-Ding (Cinematographer) Lao Zi (Soundtrack)
Strikingly beautiful and poetic (Tuesday, June 23, 2020)