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Wildly silly comedy capers (Tuesday, November 27, 2012)
A minor revelation (Tuesday, January 24, 2006)
Very entertaining! (Monday, March 8, 2021)
Yuen Wo-Ping (Director, Action Director) Yuen Cheung-Yan (Action Director) Brandy Yuen (Action Director) Yuen Yat-Choh (Action Director) Yuen Shun-Yi (Action Director) Golden Harvest (Production Company) Yuen Biao Leung Kar-Yan Kwan Tak-Hing Phillip Ko Lily Li Li-Li Fung Hak-On
Classic action-comedy (Saturday, January 13, 2007)
Chor Yuen (Director) Huang Pei-Chi (Action Director) Yuen Wah (Action Director) Yuen Bun (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Liu Yung Yueh Hua Jason Pai Piao Ching Li Tang Ching Sun Chien Yeung Chi-Hing
A decent enough Chor Yuen/Ku Long film (Monday, January 16, 2006)
Hwang Jang-Lee (Director) Chin Yuet-Sang (Action Director) Corey Yuen (Action Director) Mang Hoi (Action Director) Fan Mei-Sheng Eddy Ko Tino Wong
Above average old school fighter (Thursday, December 6, 2001)
a very silly film (Saturday, August 29, 2009)
Hsu Hsia (Director, Action Director) Chin Yuet-Sang (Director, Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Lo Meng Wong Yu Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan Wang Lung-Wei Wong Ching-Ho Chiang Kam
Banal and annoying (Monday, January 19, 2004)
Lau Kar-Leung (Director, Action Director) Hsiao Ho (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Gordon Liu Kara Hui Robert Mak Wang Lung-Wei Ku Feng Wilson Tong
May be as good as kung fu films get (Friday, December 10, 2004)
Chang Cheh (Director) Chu Ko (Action Director) Kuo Chui (Action Director) Lu Feng (Action Director) Chiang Sheng (Action Director) Shaw Brothers (Production Company) Chin Siu-Ho Wang Li
The action is the highlight (Monday, August 27, 2007)