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Burning Slowly (Sunday, April 18, 2021)
S. Shankar (Director, Writer) Rajinikanth Akshay Kumar Amy Jackson Adil Hussain Sudhanshu Pandey A.R. Rahman (Soundtrack, Soundtrack) Nirav Shah (Cinematographer) M.M. Keeravani (Soundtrack)
Crazy spectacle (Sunday, May 1, 2022)
Decent idea, shame about the execution (Friday, September 18, 2020)
Waste of space, time and human (Tuesday, September 1, 2020)
A bit of a Sabu throwback (Wednesday, September 29, 2021)
Competent but generic murder mystery (Thursday, May 20, 2021)
Another gem from Shunji Iwai (Sunday, May 30, 2021)
Some creative fight choreography (Tuesday, June 16, 2020)